Just Because We Love Him: Zac Efron Looking Super Sexy At LAX [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron's Career
A look at some of the milestones of Zac's acting career.
It’s very exciting that Zac Efron has transitioned from cute to sexy so well.

Back when he was the kid from High School Musical you couldn’t call him sexy, that would have been creepy. But now? He’s fair game! The hottie was spotted at LAX–Los Angeles International Airport, in case you are unaware–leaving LA for what we can only assume is some sort of awesome trip.

Sadly, no ridiculous maroon pants at this airport visit. Although I am really digging that old man cardigan he’s got going. Side note: isn’t it great to know that celebrities have to wait in security lines just like the rest of us?

Zac recently arrived back to the states after a very successful premiere of At Any Price at the Venice Film Festival. In fact, the movie and Zac’s performance were two of the most buzzed about things at the film festival. Here’s to hoping that Zefron can finally legitimize that film career.

Launch the gallery to check out all the sexy photos of Zac. It’s amazing how he can look that good all the time. And boy do we appreciate it.