Just Because: Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Has Still Got It At 61

Hot Shirtless Bodies of 2014
Well, the hottest shirtless bodies so far!
Yup, that’s Jeff Goldblum. And yes, he is 61-years-old. And oh yes, his body is still working it.

The movie legend (yeah, he’s a legend) has been showing off his fine figure in Hawaii this past week while on vacation with girlfriend Emilie Livingston. They are pretty cute together, and seem quite happy despite their 30-year age difference.

Hey, Jeff Goldblum and I have a 37-year age difference and I would totally date him. 

Also, I know that wearing glasses isn’t that logical when you’re out on the beach, but how great would this whole look have been if he had on his thick-rimmed glasses? Well, I can dream.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jeff from the past week. Are you as amazed by his body as I am? You are, don’t lie. And if you need more evidence that Jeff Goldblum is awesome, check out one of my favorite interviews of his below. It’s just so good.