Just Because: Sebastian Stan Looks Majorly Dashing For Photographer Justin Bridges

Have you jumped on the Sebastian Stan bandwagon yet?

Because if you haven’t, then maybe these photographs of the actor by photographer Justin Bridges will convince you to. Oh my gawd, this man looks so, so sexy.

Sebastian posed for the photos before heading out to the CFDA Awards thais week, dressed in head to toe Public School NYC. The label also ended up winning the Best Menswear award, probably because Sebastian put on such a sexy show.

Also, if you’re sitting there trying to figure out where you know Sebastian from, let me help you: Captain America. Imagine him wearing something military–and maybe even something on his face–and you’ve got Bucky Barnes, Chris Evans’ BFF and The Winter Soldier.

Or as I like to call him, the Super Duper Sexy Solider. And he was on Once Upon a Time. Umm, has every attractive actor in the world been on that show? Sebastian, Jamie Dornan, Colin O’Donoghue–so much sexy.

Sebastian Stan

So thank you, Sebastian, for being part of that. Make sure to keep an eye out for the actor as he’s sure to pop up in plenty more things. I mean, that hotness and that talent do not go unnoticed.

Photo Credit: Justin Bridges