Just Because: Scruffy And Bespectacled Chris Pine Is Majorly Sexy

Chris Pine's Package
FYI. Chris Pine hangs to the right.
As it is Monday–and everything sucks on Monday–I think it’s time to drown our life sorrows in some sexy Chris Pine action.

The actor was spotted arriving at Heathrow airport today, looking rather sexy. I’ve mentioned before how much I love Chris with glasses, and even though his hair looked kinda crazy post flight, that beard makes up for it.

Ahh, Captain Fine, are you ever anything but? Even with your weird goat beard there was still something kind of sexy. 

So, have I ever told you guys about how I got myself to meet Chris Pine? He was doing a play in LA a few years ago that was sold out every night, so after the show I went to the stage door and got a photo. Obviously I told him the play was awesome so I would seem less creepy. Somehow, he’s even more handsome in person.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Chris from today. Trust me, it’s just the Monday pick-me-up you need. Well this plus lots and lots of coffee.