Just Because: Robert Pattinson Should Always Dress Like His Character From ‘Life’

Now here’s the thing, I’ve always thought that Robert Pattinson was cute.

The hair, the smile, the flat face–I was into it. But he never made me weak in the knees like say, Orlando Bloom. But you guys! Ever since he has started filming Life, I am obsessed with him. At this point, he is definitely making me weak in the knees.

Rob was spotted on the Toronto set today, being his super attractive self. Can we agree that he should always have this hair cut, hair color and wear long coats? 

I mean sure, he’ll have to change it for other movies, but this can be his normal look–like when you give your Sim an everyday outfit. Also I think the added bonus of Dane DeHaan channeling his inner James Dean is adding to my love. Guys, this movie will be amazing and maybe even get Rob some awards.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today’s set. Have you always been obsessed with Rob? Is your obsession fueled? Sound off in the comments!