Just Because: Prince Harry And Prince William Play Polo And It’s Lovely

Prince William
Will in his Colonel of The Irish Guards uniform.
Royal family. Polo playing. Tight white shirts–you’re welcome, Earth.

This weekend we were all lucky enough to witness Prince William and Prince Harry partaking in some polo during day two of the Audi Polo Challenge in England. You know, it’s really fun seeing them in their royal attire, but I have a major soft spot for polo playing princes.

I think it’s a mix of white pants and white shirts that just makes me feel like I should be sipping something boozy and saying “darling” over and over again. 

Also, I’m kinda sad that the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, didn’t show up to the event. As long as she remembered to put weights in her dress, it would have been awesome. Then she and Will could have shared a sideline kiss and everything would have been amazing!

Oh well, guess we’ll have to be content with William and Harry being all brotherly. I mean, I am OK with that. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the weekend polo match. Who do we like more in their attire? Prince William or Prince Harry? Sound off in the comments below!