Just Because: Paul Wesley Continues His Trend Of Looking Like The Hottest Dude At The Venice Film Festival

Paul Wesley GIFs
To prove just how irresistible he is!
Apologies to Andrew Garfield, but hot damn, Paul Wesley is definitely the most attractive dude at the Venice Film Festival.

While I was pretty sure about this the other day when we saw him arriving at the festival, I am thoroughly convinced of it now. Paul was all smiles, waves and kisses today as he promoted his movie, Before I Disappear.

I really like film festival Paul. And I like all the movie choices he’s making. They’re out of the box and really awesome. 

In addition to Before I Disappear, Paul’s movie Sam & Amirajust got distribution. Clearly he was excited.

While he’s not playing the lead in either of these movies, they are totally different that what he’s done in previous roles or on The Vampire Diaries. His strategy seems to be that doing smaller films and smaller roles will give him indie cred and more respectability once he jumps back to big-budget flicks. Paul, I see what you’re doing, and I approve.

Especially if you’re gonna look like that while doing it. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the actor today. Are you digging his hotness (and his career path) as much as I am? Sound off in the comments! #StelenaForever