Just Because: Matt Bomer Looks Hot As He Heads To Toronto For ‘The Normal Heart’

Matt Bomer Giggles
Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay share a laugh on set.
The other night I spent about half an hour looking at photos of Matt Bomer.

I was trying to figure out what it is about him that makes him so gosh darn attractive. I figured out a few things: 1) his bone structure is flawless, 2) his eyes are blue and piercing, but not in a creepy Jonathan Rhys Meyers way, in a stunning kind of way and 3) he has a gorgeous smile.

While the eyes were hiding, everything else was on display as Matt and husband Simon Halls arrived in Toronto today to promote The Normal Heart

Matt has probably been promoting this movie more than anyone else in the cast, and with good reason. While everyone else in the film might make you cry, Matt is DEFINITELY going to make you cry. Have you read the play? Have you read what Ryan Murphy said about Matt’s weight loss? I suggest you all hold a box of tissues next to you.

Side note: how cute are he and Simon? They red carpeted together the other night and I loved it. So much cuteness. Launch the gallery to get a taste of Matt’s perfect. Will you be tuning into The Normal Heart on Sunday night? What other things can you come up that make Matt so pretty? Sound off in the comments below!