Just Because: Liam Hemsworth Looks Majorly Attractive In A Plain White Tee

Liam bloodied on set
Liam Hemsworth takes a beating on set of Empire State
Since Thursdays are sorta terrible in that “it’s so close to Friday but not actually Friday” way, I think it’s best to help you out with some hot dude action.

So please take a moment and enjoy Liam Hemsworth walking around Venice Beach. The Hunger Games star flashed a few smiles while he hung out with friends yesterday, reminding us of just how seriously hot he is.

But listen, Liam, we need to talk about something. 

Why couldn’t you wear a tighter white shirt? Think of it clinging to your abs while we stare and attempt to figure out if you have a six pack or an eight pack. Wait, can people have eight packs? Have I just made that up? Please enlighten me in the comments.

Luckily the sleeves were pretty tight on his muscles. Oh men and their muscles. Gotta love it all. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Liam being super sexy. I wonder if Miley Cyrus ever looks at photos at him and goes, “Oh yeah, I tapped that.”