Just Because: Josh Duhamel And His Muscles Look Very Good During Their Mid-Week Workout

Sometimes I just wanna stare at photos of Josh Duhamel working out. And I think you guys should too.

The super DILF was spotted in Los Angeles today, making use of the city’s urban gym by working out on some stairs and the concrete. I have to say, his headband look is really growing on me. Like, a normal man shouldn’t look good in them but he does.

Although I could just be distracted by his muscles… 

Also, I am unsure how I missed this cuteness from last week (I missed a lot last week), but look at how precious he and Axlare!!!

Cute baby, cute dad, cute everything! OK, I’m done now. Launch the gallery to check out all the workout hotness. It’s also a great time to ogle at his greying beard.