Just Because: Jared Leto Wears A Pink Shirt, Is Cute While Doing So

20 Jared Leto Gifs
Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
Ahh, a man in a pink shirt. Gotta love it.

Jared Leto was really working the look in New York City today, as he strolled through Soho. He completed the outfit with tight black pants, long, flowing locks and a beard worthy of being called amazing.

So, is he keeping the hair and beard long in preparation for a role as Jesus? I mean, last time we saw him he looked ready

Or he could just think it’s fun to rock for his 30 Seconds to Mars tour. Jared should bring his Oscar on stage every night and sing “City of Angels” to it. That’s sorta meta, non?

Maybe the Oscar makes an appearance in 30 Seconds to Mars Grand Palais Concert film. The first teaser was released today, and clearly Jared is excited about it.

1) I’ll probably watch this movie. 2) Jared’s hair better be flawless in it. Check out the teaser, then launch the gallery for some pink-shirted, Leto cuteness.