Just Because: James McAvoy Suits Up And Looks Majorly Sexy In New York City

James McAvoy For Prada
This behind-the-scenes video is 100% sexy
And this friends, this is why James McAvoy is the face of Prada. Because god damn it, he is fine.

James was showing off his handsome self in New York City today as he made way to Late Night With David Letterman. I’m pretty sure he’s there to promote The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, since it hits theaters on September 12.

Personally, I want to watch all three version of the movie, Them, Him and Her. Think it’s doable? 

Maybe one of the theaters near me will do a special screening so I can stare at James for hours. Speaking of pretty James, did you guys see the hilarious photo Hugh JackmanInstagrammed last week? He posted this with the caption, “Wish I had half the modeling prowess of THIS guy!!!!!!!”

Side note: if you’re not following Hugh Jackman on Instagram, you’re really missing out. Now back to James. He seems to be taking a bit of an acting break. His next movie is Frankenstein, which is in post-production, and then there’s just the next X-Men movie.

I need more James! I need more! But I guess I can stare at him for now. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of James being hot. Also, is he graying? Because I’m kind of into it.