Just Because: Garrett Hedlund & Kirsten Dunst Look Cute In Soho [PHOTOS]

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Now aren’t they just adorable? Hottie actor Garrett Hedlund was spotted in Soho today enjoying an afternoon outing with girlfriend, Kirsten Dunst. The duo noshed on some watermelon and coffee as they wandered around, enjoying the spring weather in New York. I wonder if they’re headed back home to watch the Tony Awards.

Garrett & Kirsten recently paid a visit to the Cannes Film Festival where they premiered their film, On The Road–the movie they met on. Lovely. You know, I’m really happy Kirsten has found herself a quality guy. He’s hot, he’s sweet, he evens takes her to the doctor when she needs to go.

Also, I love Kirsten’s dress. Now, if only we could Garrett to stop wearing baseballs caps all the time so we could see that gorgeous head of hair he has. I think we’d all appreciate that. Launch the gallery to check out the cute couple. You know you wanna.