Just Because: Colin O’Donoghue Continues To Make Us Swoon As Captain Hook On ‘Once Upon A Time’

Colin & Josh Get Sporty
'OUAT' co-stars Colin O'Donoghue & Josh Dallas catch a game
I know we already posted photos today of Colin O’Donoghue looking sexy on the set of Once Upon A Time.

But then I saw these photos of him looking even sexier, having a dance party with Josh Dallas and I thought, “Come on! How often do we get this much Colin? Let’s go for it.”

So go for it we are. And can you guess what photo finally sold me on it? If you answered “Colin running in a long coat” you are correct!

And his dance party with Josh Dallas didn’t hurt either. I love that those two are such good friends. There was no Queen Elsa on set today, but it’s OK because when you have Colin chest do you need to look at anything else?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. So enjoy the photos of Colin in the gallery and let’s all hope that he doesn’t disappear again for a while. I expect regular photos of him being all captain-ed out.

And this is for you guys, because sometimes you just need to watch this scene.