Just Because: Colin Farrell Looks Cute And Buys Donuts From My Favorite Donut Place

Colin Farrell Kicks Back
Colin Farrell enjoys a beer while filming 7 Psychopaths.
Or should I say doughnut. Because my favorite place is so snazzy, that’s how they spell it.

Super hottie Colin Farrell was giving me another reason to love him yesterday when he stopped by my favorite donut place in LA, Kettle Glazed in Hollywood, to grab a bunch of sweets to go. Seriously, he has a giant bag and someone behind him carrying boxes.

Maybe he’s taking some “first day of work” gifts to his rumored co-stars. 

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Colin will be in the second season of True Detective, I’m really hoping it’s ture. He’s really a great actor–and pretty cute–so I think it would be a win/win. He could have his own McConaissance. Farrissance(l)?

Now back to donuts. I hope he got the cronut. And the blueberry-lemon one. And the smores one. And, the pièce de résistance, the cruffin. Oh god, the cruffin. Shit, now I think I have stop at Kettle Glazed on my home. You guys launch the gallery and stare at Colin while I go figure this out. Also, if you live in LA, go to Kettle Glazed.