Just Because: Charlie Hunnam In All His Jax Teller Glory On The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Set

Charlie Suits Up!
Charlie Hunnam suits up alongside Idris Elba for 'Pacific Rim'
I’m gonna be honest here guys, I am merely posting these photos of Charlie Hunnam looking particularly sexy as Jax Teller for you to ogle at.

I know, I know, I’m such a giver. The Sons of Anarchy star was spotted on the set of his hit show yesterday working the classic SOA look, and even smiling for the camera.

After seeing that photo of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey today, I really wish I knew what Charlie would have looked like. I picture this

Also, did you fall for the “Charlie Hunnam is not dead” hoax? It was started by the website Media Mass, a site that makes fun of tabloids, and plenty of people actually believed it. Luckily, all of it was untrue.

So let’s celebrate that by launching the gallery and staring at some pictures of Charlie Hunnam. I give you full permission to have dirty thoughts about him while you stare. Happy Wednesday!