Just Because: Bespectacled Charlie Hunnam Is Pretty Much The Sexiest Thing We’ve Seen All Week

Charlie Suits Up!
Charlie Hunnam suits up alongside Idris Elba for 'Pacific Rim'
OK, so I know I just wrote about Charlie Hunnam being hot yesterday, but oh my god! Did you really expect me not to bring you these photos of Charlie wearing hipster glasses?

It’s like they’re a gift from above. In fact, the glasses are so good, they almost make up for the fact that Charlie is wearing running shoes while clearly not running. If long coats are my turn on, running shoes worn while not running make me want to turn into the Hulk and rage.

But it’s OK Charlie. I’ll let this go. 

Now all I’m doing is picturing him in his Crimson Peak get up with hipster glasses. Ugh. You guys. That movie’s promotional tour is going to be epic. Charlie and Tom Hiddleston? Just let their accents bring you joy.

Well actually, you can’t do that right now, so instead let bespectacled Charlie bring you joy. Launch the gallery for all of it. Thank you, paparazzi gods/Charlie. Thank you.