Just Because: Benedict Cumberbatch And Dan Stevens Show Off Their Bromance

Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Because even Benedict is better in GIF form!
I’ve always assumed that all British celebrities of a certain age are friends, and clearly I was right on with Benedict Cumberbatch and Dan Stevens.

The Cumberbatch brought his star power to the red carpet last night for a gala screening of Dan’s movie, The Guest. You know The Guest. That’s the one where Dan plays a total creeper but with a really nice body. The trailer is after the jump if you need a refresher.

Alright, how cute are these two together? 

They seem really friends. Like, the kind that hang out together on a Wednesday night, drinking wine and playing Cards Against Humanity. I suppose that after you make an intense movie together, the friendship stays. Side note: I’m imagining Benedict reading all of the Cards Against Humanity decks and everything feels right.

So launch the gallery to stare at some hot British dudes. Who else do we want to add to this bromance? Clearly Tom Hiddleston. Maybe Matt Smith? Obviously Martin Freeman, and why not a few of those Downton Abbey men. I do love me some hot, British dudes.