Just Because: Adam Lambert Takes Over The World On ‘Good Morning America’, The World Does Not Mind

Adam's Adorable TBT
Why yes, he was a crazy cute child.
You guys, we’re four for four on Sabba’s favorites today. Zac Efron, Matt Bomer, Colin Farrell and now, Adam Lambert.

If for some reason you don’t watch morning shows (I get that, I only watch when they’re special), then it’s possible you missed Adam Lambert being a BAMF and completely taking over Good Morning America today. They should have just renamed it Good Morning Adam Lambert (which is actually what I’ll be renaming all my mornings).

And did you guys notice that “#AdamLambertGMA” was trending on Twitter all morning? 

I’m loving it. And clearly Adam was loving it too as he made New York his own personal Big Apple.

“.@gma #adamsbigapple”

He was also on Kelly & Michael this morning, although you can tell by his outfit that that was not recorded live (not that anyone is shocked by that). Listen, every time we get a lot of Adam Lambert I’m always afraid that the dry spell is going to start the next day. Do you think that’s the case? Or does he have to promote The Original High awhile longer?

Let’s hope it’s the latter. Also, why won’t he perform “Another Lonely Night” anywhere for me to appreciate it? He’s done it once, CLEARLY he can do it again. I’d also be okay with “Heavy Fire”. But one never says no to “Ghost Town” and “The Original High”.

Check out a bunch of videos of Adam’s GMA performances below–they look, it’s “Whataya Want From Me!”–, and then launch the gallery for some photographic greatness. May we never stop drinking from the overflowing well of Adam Lambert love.