Just A Dog And A Kangaroo Smooching [VIDEO]

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Dog And A Kangaroo Caught Kissing
The Cutest Animal Video Ever Of The Day

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and breeds. Dozer the dog gets a kiss from Love Bug.

Plus videos of dogs who can actually drive a car, two Corgi’s enjoying some swinging time and a cat with some amazing agility skills.

Dogs Trained to Drive a Car

Buddy The Corgi – Two Corgis Two Swings

Cashmere the Cat Has Some Amazing Agility Skills

Treadmill Time
Girl runs on a treadmill with her cat
Lucy the get getting her daily workout. Watch »
Puppy Dream Time
English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming
An English Bulldog puppy enters dreamland. Watch »
Dog Imitates Baby
Dog and baby
A dog does an amazing impression of a baby. Watch »
By Michael Prieve

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