Julie Bowen Doesn’t Know What’s Going On With Ariel Winter And Her Family Either! [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter vs Her Mom
The 'Modern Family' star's legal woes.
Julie Bowen
Bowen at the 2011 Emmy Awards.
It’s a little funny and ironic that the show called “Modern Family” has the actress with the scandal surrounding her real life family. Coincidence? Could be. Hmmm.

Ariel Winter, the 14 year old actress with a world of opportunity in front of her, because of her starring role on Modern Family, has been in the news lately for an…unfavorable reason, to say the least. Recently, reports have surfaced regarding Winter and her real mother, Crystal Workman, who has been accused of abusing Winter both physically and emotionally. Workman’s denial of the accusations is in addition to the claim that her daughter is only retaliating against her attempts to break up the actress and her boyfriend, Cameron Palatas. Since the allegations have arisen, Winter has been in temporary custody of her sister, Shanelle Workman.

With such shocking news about this family, it seems to be all anyone can talk about, in conversations surrounding “Modern Family” and any of it’s stars. Winter’s on-screen mother, Julie Bowen gave her account on the scandal just recently, and it’s just as  unknowing as all of ours. “Never have I seen what’s being reported,” the actress stated. She continued, “That was never my experience with Ariel and her mom. I watch the news and that’s all new to me.”

You’d think that if all of this abuse was happening, it’d be a little more obvious to the people on set, right? Maybe all of this is a retaliation from Winter that was taken too far. But, who knows, maybe all of this was done behind closed doors and the actress is finally speaking out to save her life. We’re just the humble public, after all. Only time will show how these unfortunate events will continue to unfold!

Does the story sound legit to you? Or do you think Ariel Winter is pulling some family drama a la Carter family, circa 2000. Discuss!

In the midst of all of the turmoil, Winter was spotted out in West Hollywood with her sister, looking as well as can be expected. Check out the gallery to see.