Julianne Hough Proves It’s Not So Wrong To Strip To Country

August 2nd, 2010 // 3 Comments

Julianne Hough unveiled her new music video for the song “Is That So Wrong?” and I have one word to describe it: stripper-licious. But let’s not kid ourselves because whenever any of us is at home, having a glass of wine on top of a dinner of heartache, you know we do somersaults on our furniture and strip.

My other favorite part is where she’s wandering around the lamps section of Ikea or CB2. And then there’s that horse…which you think will get mounted, but it turns out Hough is too busy mounting everything else in her apartment. I also hope that if she does this on the regular, her neighbors just look over and see her doing tumbles through her apartment, saying to one another, “There she goes again…”

Of course at the end the boy comes back with the flowers, and I hope adds, “Yeah, my girlfriend and I are right below you watching tv and we can’t help but notice all the noise coming from your apartment. Would you mind keeping it down?”

This video goes to show you that you don’t have to live in the big city or listen to 80s hair band ballads to be a stripper. Even in the country, you can take off your clothes, work a pole and be just as objectified as any other woman in this country.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Glassman

    I don’t think her 2 worlds (dance and country) mix well. The singing seemed fine to me – sounds like the requisite twang is in place, but the dancing seemed incongruous – better suited for a rock video….

    Anyhoo……it’s a fail due to over-trying. She should keep the 2 worlds separate.

  2. Ted

    The sexy dancing doesn’t bother me one bit. Julianne is sexy as hell and she is an amazing dancer. Why not show it off? Love It!

  3. teri

    Well, I do n other girls do those things like Julianne was doing in the video. Of course, guys would not understand this. Some people lead such sheltered lives.
    What a bunch of hypocrites…its all right for the guys to have provocative moves in their videos
    but when a women does it, its not all right.
    Just saw a guy country singer video where he falls between the girl’s legs n she’s ready to wrap her legs around him n his ready to …. her.
    So what do they say…its hot n steamy. I could list a lot others. Don’t see anything wrong w/Julianne’s video. She doesn’t do anything different than what u see on TV on DWTS. Thats a great song too!

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