Julianne Hough On Seacrest: “I Thought He Was Gay”

I can barely type this as I like the tasty-goodness off my fingers from TMZ’s morsel this morning that Julianne Hough waited so long to go on a date with Ryan Seacrest because she thought he was gay. (He still is, dear).

The couple have been dating for a few months but recently Hough was having a birthday dinner at Morton’s steak house where a friend asked, “How did you and Ryan get together?”

Julianne responded, “He was after me since I was 18…he totally wasn’t my type…I thought he was gay.

But Hough continued, “After a few years, he was persistent…so I went out with him on a date and I realized how much I liked him.”

It is a lucky moment when a girl finds her best gay.