Julianna Margulies Unsympathetic To Wives Fooled By Political Scandals

Who'd Cheat On Her?
The sexy photoshoot could start a scandal of its own!
Ouch, Julianna Margulies. Could we get a little sympathy?

Apparently not. The Good Wife star admitted that she couldn’t believe how “gullible” Silda Spitzer and Dina McGreevey had to be to stand up on stage and air their dirty laundry with husbands that were “assh*les to [even] ask.” While Margulies plays a wife rocked by her politician husband’s sex and corruption scandal, she doesn’t really think she’d be able to do the same with real-life lawyer-husband, hottie Keith Lieberthal

Well, fair enough. Hopefully life with Keith and son Kiernan is as blissful as it seems. The family were spotted strolling through Tribeca in a New York City this past Saturday on a family outing. Let’s hope that there’s not a real life scandal waiting to happen!