Julianna Margulies’ Husband Keith Lieberthal Is Pretty Hot [PHOTOS]

Julianna & George
Julianna Marguelis & George Clooney reunite at the 2011 Emmys!
The star of The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies and her husband Keith Lieberthal were spotted heading back to New York City yesterday (January 16) after attending the Golden Globes on Sunday.

While Julianna didn’t win this year, she has an extremely hot consolation prize to go home to – her husband. Oh la la, what a hunk!

The actress talked about meeting her lawyer husband at a dinner party when she was on The Ellen Degeneres Show last year. She recalled:

“Well, when he came over to me, I said, ‘Look, I just think you are so handsome. Are you a model or an actor and are you 12 [years old]? I love actors. I love working with them. I don’t want to live with them. I’ve been there and done it. They’re great. I said, ‘Are you an actor? Because as much as I love you all, I can’t. I’m done.’ And he’s like, No, I’m a lawyer,'” she continued. “And I’m like, ‘What’s your name?’ ‘And he said, ‘Keith Lieberthal I was like, “‘You’re JEWISH?!'”

So cute! So hot!