Juliana Marguiles Balances Work And Family as ‘The Good Wife’

Accomplished actress Juliana Marguiles talked to the Hollywood Reporter about what it takes to juggle a solid career and family life. Marguiles stars currently on The Good Wife which just wrapped up its first season and earned her a SAG Award earlier this year.

The show focuses on the wife of a disgraced prosecutor, which Juliana said amuses her husband who works in law as well.

“He loves it,” she said. “There are moments when he’ll say,
“Oh, that wouldn’t have taken 20 minutes,” and I’m like, “Yeah, but we
have to finish the case!”

Margulies said she takes extra care to keep her family life as happy as her revived career, making sure her son is never photographed by paparazzi and even making a guest appearance on Sesame Street!

Now that I have a kid, I watch it with him and I
can’t believe how many people are on it — It was wonderful — just Big Bird and me. I was a doctor and
fixed his wing,” the proud mom said. “It took exactly an hour and I was home.