Juliana Marguiles Prefers Her Husband’s Kisses To George Clooney And McConaughey

Despite all the gorgeous Hollywood actors that Julianna Marguiles has locked lips with, she still much prefers her husband, New York lawyer Keith Lieberthal.

“At dinner recently, a friend of mine went through the list of leading men I’ve kissed: Chris Noth, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Aidan Quinn, Matthew McConaughey … I realized I’ve been very lucky,” Margulies, 44, said.


“But my husband is very secure in himself. He knows he has nothing to worry about. To me, none of them compare to him – he’s really rather yummy,” she said of the other half of this power couple.

And we agree! know I know he’s a lawyer now, but are we sure he isn’t a former model or something?