Julia Roberts Wants You To Get The F@*K Out Of Her Face

January 19th, 2009 // 15 Comments

The Pretty Woman GOES OFF on a paparazzo. Do not mess with Julia Robert‘s children if you know what is good for you.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. reacktion

    I know I should feel for her, but I don’t. Something about Ms. Roberts makes me think she’s a nasty, grouchy bee-atch all the time, whether the paparazzi is stalking her or not.

  2. Keith

    Go Julia…

    Gotta love a woman who protects her children and speaks her mind. Stupid Paparazzi any way.

  3. Jess

    I agree reacktion, I want to feel sorry for her but I don’t. I also think she chose her profession so she has to live with the consequences. She was just a little too angry. I live in Australia and it made the news here so I think she just went a little over the top.

  4. rosa

    She was perfectly in the right. The photographers have gone too far.

  5. Edward Mudflaps

    This is the cost of fame unfortunately. Julia Robers carries on, completely undignified, in public. She should be more grateful, I suppose. Her career has been fairly non-existent since she made Erin Brokovich almost a decade ago.

  6. Nicky

    From what I’ve read in the news she was out side a school at the time of the outburst. I think it’s kind of bad that she is shouting profanities out side a childrens school. I hope non of them heard. Unfortunately the paparazzi come with the profession she has chosen.

  7. NotBlonde

    She was not outside of a school. From the video you can see that she was outside of an Islands restaurant. And she was picking up her kids.

    The reason why she hasn’t been doing anything is because she is raising her children. She disappeared just like Demi Moore did when she was raising her children.

    Julia Roberts got into the business when this type of blatant stalking was not common with the paparazzi. She clearly did not call him. She isn’t walking around with a giant sign on her person saying “HI I”M JULIA ROBERTS!!!”. She was picking up her kids from a restaurant. She was protecting her children. Notice that she only freaked out on him when he was about to take pictures of her children who ARE NOT celebrities and should not be photographed if Julia Roberts doesn’t want them to be.

    By the way, just because someone is an actor does not mean they no longer have a right to their privacy. A lot of people say that kind of bullshit but just imagine if everyone in America suddenly took an interest in bankers. Would you be saying the same thing? Well people decide to be bankers so they no longer have a right to privacy?

    Everyone in America has a literal right to privacy. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  8. Daley

    edward mudflaps,
    you are an idiot beyond compare. wake up. you think just because you act means you give up your entire life and all the protections granted to everyone else. She’ not on a movie set, nor a work function, those slimebags have no right.
    Ed, we all know you are a sad sacker.
    Reacktion is another celeb gossip worshipper who has nothing in life but jealousy.
    Maybe you two should grease eachother up, and hit your backdoors.

  9. William Kazak

    The photographers should just leave whenever requested.Julia should not be swearing,however.Everyone should just, “get a life”.

  10. Meh

    Paparazzi are scum. They deserve whatever comes to them.

  11. sarah

    Everyone has the right to privacy. These days the paparazzi are completely out of hand. Instead of just hanging out in front of premiers or appearances, they stalk these people in their daily lives.
    No one deserves that.

    I love that she said “Aim Higher”

    Way to show them what a joke their lives really are, Julia :)

  12. tree

    dont know if any one still comments this. but in my opinion yes the pap have gotten really extreme lately, but also she chose that profession. she after all is in public, and is a celebrity. I would think one would know the ramifications for staring in multi million dollar movies and being pretty much a house hold name. granted there is no excuse for pap to be so prying.

  13. Nicky

    It’s actually our fault that the paparazzi do what they do. We’re the ones obsessed with celebrities and want to know all about them. Just by coming to this site we’re supporting what they do. It’s true though that Julia chose to be an actor and she would have to know that this is the price you pay to be a movie star. I love Leonardo Dicaprio because he said in an interview that being a celebrity he has nothing to complain about because he knows that acting has brought a lot of good things in is life so why complain about it.

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