Julia Roberts Receives Susan Sarandon’s Help

January 23rd, 2006 // 6 Comments

Julia Roberts seemed to be enjoying her shopping experinence at Ron Herman until she noticed the paparazzi. Is that her hubby, Danny Moder, in the bottom right hand photo? We hope their marriage is doing alright. Everyone in Hollywood is seemingly offering the couple help. First we had Oprah Winfrey giving her advice, and now the never married (but dating for 18 years) Susan Sarandon is offering her help.

“Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts has been getting marital advice from fellow actress, Susan Sarandon. Sources close to the situation say Julia and darling hubby Danny Moder were on the outs after having twins Hazel and Phinnaeus were born in 2004.

The friend says, “It was the roughest period of their three-year marriage with jealousy, time apart, and fights about the kids. But they want to patch things up.”

Although Sarandon isn’t married herself, she’s been in a relationship with actor Tim Robbins for that past 18-years. The friend went on to say, “She told Julia and Danny to think about why they had kids in the first place – their love for each other.”

Photos of Julia Roberts out with her twins are after the jump.

Susan Sarandon Schools Julia Roberts [All Headline News]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kim

    I’m sorry, but she is hideous to look at. She’s so NOT pretty.

  2. chris

    Susan wasn’t “never married”…she got her last name from her ex-husband Chris, aka Prince Humperdinck, aka Jack Skellington, and also the villain of Fright Night. They were actually married for a very long time, especially by today’s Hollywood standards.

  3. fallgirl29

    karmas a bitch huh julia..

  4. alexi

    Does anyone see the irony here????

    the couples who are not married but “commited” last for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time (Kurt and Goldie, Susan and Tim..) but the married ones..don’t last very long.

  5. hot peppers


  6. Judy

    Get A Life.

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