Julia Roberts Makes Long-Awaited First Trip To Japan


Seriously, what took so long? Mega-movie star Julia Roberts touched down in Japan for the first time ever yesterday to promote her new film Eat Pray Love (You’ve heard of it, right?).

A little bizarre that the actress has never visited the country with the second third largest economy in the world, and thus, one the biggest consumers of American movies, right? Japanese people think so too: apparently, if one searches Julia Roberts in Japanese on Google, it fills in “hates Japan” for you!

What did the actress, pictured at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, have to say about why she stayed away so long, after an over 20 year career?

“It’s just my good fortune to finally find myself here in Tokyo with all of you nice people,” said Roberts. Classy answer. Now if only she hadn’t showed up in that fugly dress!