Julia Roberts Looking Quite Matronly

August 23rd, 2005 // 17 Comments

Once again. The shoes? You can be a mother of two and not wear shit for shoes. The bundles of joy after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cynthia

    Ok, yeah, the shoes are quite hideous. But I would still rather see her in those than those ridiculous stillettos Paris-the-Slut wears everywhere.

  2. I am the Lotus

    Honey, you try lugging around baby + pounds of baby gear in 3 inch heels, then judge mommy footwear.

  3. I don’t really think she’s ever had a good taste in clothing, before or after the birth…

  4. bitty boop

    Is she comfortable in those shoes/clothes? Post-baby, lugging around double the baby crap? If she is, then who cares what it looks like! At least she’s got the sense not to traipse around in stilletos and a mini!!! Thanks, Julia, for making us other mommy’s feel not so inadequate!

  5. doofus

    I’m with you guys…when you have to carry around stuff for ONE baby, you want comfortable shoes…

    and she’s got everything times TWO. plus, she’s travelling. and, sorry to say, when I travel by air, I wear comfortable shoes, too. (some of those airport gate hallways are almost a half mile long!)

    and speaking of 3 inch heels, have you all noticed that Britney wears heels ALL THE TIME these days?! I can’t imagine that’s comfortable while carrying around an extra 20-30 pounds…and in her case, more like 40-50 extra pounds.


    she is being practical like Velma
    from Scooby DOO…
    But I did see something simular
    in black by PRADA
    and they weren’t that bad…

  7. Natalie

    You can’t blame the woman. She’s got twins, and even with a nanny, it’s hard to keep up. I mean, I have two kids and it’s hard to even take a shower with them around. You try feeding, bathing, dressing two kids, and see if you have energy to pick out a designer outfit with perfect shoes. I give her credit for lugging all her own stuff around, instead of looking “ghetto fabulous” like KImora Lee Simmons…who you know probably doesn’t even bother with her kids.

  8. zazz

    She looks like an old, frail granny. She always looks like hell.

  9. surprised

    How no one said she’s “parading” her kids around to the media. Probably cuz ppl dont care to have her pics taken as “other” moms. But I’m pretty sure Roberts is with her kids 24/7 too.

    Btw, I do agree about the shoes. If you were to carry two kids walking around like that, I wouldnt care too much about the shoes either. She’s not at a party.

  10. bighotrod

    she’s perfectly hideous. just wronger than wrong!

  11. Stefanie

    What the hell? Stop being so mysogynistic. The woman’s just had twins. She can wear Birkenstocks if she feels like her. Give recent moms and BREAK and stop being so shallow.

  12. It's True

    sorry to tell you this but I seriously doubt that Julia “luggs around all the baby” stuff. She has people who walk her kids when they are in strollers so I find it hard to believe she is packing everything up and strapping it on her back herself!

  13. angelique

    I really hope the kids aren’t in the two carry-baskets in the first photo–if they are they’ll end up as mashed-looking as their mother.

  14. Trisha

    Yeah, Julia couldn’t POSSIBLY enjoy doing “normal mom” things. She only had the babies because deep down she knew she couldn’t wait to hire a nanny and watch her raise the children. Give me a break, Julia does need help because she does have an unusual career…but I do also believe that she is a hands on mom. Everyone needs a break once in a while…babysitters…heard of them? Isn’t that basically what a nanny is, just full time? She has hardly done anything since she had the lovelies. She looks like a normal traveling mom, I applaud the fact that she doesn’t feel she needs to dress up to make a public appearance with her kids. We all don’t normally look like models all the time you know. Good for normal Julia.

  15. kimberly

    I just want to tell you that you have some cute babies.

  16. I Is a ho !

    Ugh. She’s the skank. Horse teeth. No talent. Halitosis. Straps one on for her man. Beat me up, haters. I’m her adopted sister.

  17. I love stong women like Julia, Angelina, Goldie Hawn etc. They can do it all. Like that song: “I’m a Woman, W-O-M-A-N!!” Men are great, but we women can have our babies, work, cook, clean, and keep our wonderful husband as happy as can be….the real women.

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