Julia Roberts Is Immune To The Effects Of Pasta

While Julia Roberts ate bowl after bowl of pasta during the “Eat” portion of Eat Pray Love during the Italy shoot, the actress said she gained no more than a few pounds.

“I can’t honestly remember how many bowls of pasta I had at one sitting,” Roberts said (director Ryan Murphy says it was six!!) “I thought I’d hurt myself trying to get my jeans on.”

But UGH...the woman is practically bionic! She snapped right back to size after wrapping up the summer blockbuster

“I gained under 10 pounds for this movie,” Julia admitted, pictured at Live with Regis and Kelly to promote the film yesterday. “Let’s set the record straight because I’ve read it was much, much more.”

No wonder the woman got cast in Mystic Pizza…and playing a food critic in My Best Friend’s Wedding too!