Julia Roberts Has Turned Green

April 17th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Juila Roberts has taken environmental issues to heart. From the Pirus to recycling grocery bags, Julia Roberts is up with environmentalism. Go Julia.

Julia Roberts has gone positively goofy over the environment. In the cover story of Vanity Fair‘s new “Green Issue,” writer Evgenia Peretz delivers this sycophantic assessment of the star’s suddenly greener-than-thou ways: “An admitted latecomer to environmental concerns, Roberts is proof that it’s never too late to start caring for the earth and that it can all start at home. From the Prius she drives and the solar-powered house she’s building in California to the metal cup she uses to go out for coffee, the grocery bags she religiously returns to the store for a nickel … Roberts firmly believes that the little things make a difference …” Aside from wondering how many private planes Roberts has flown on and how much energy it takes to power her various abodes, we just can’t shake the image of the zillionaire actress “religiously” returning grocery bags to the store for pennies.

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Red Over Green Julia [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. pook

    She is so ugly. This is America’s Sweetheart? This is what you guys consided hot for years? ewww….she is so ugly. She has a small ugly head, with a huge ugly mouth, and her ugly ears stick out. I’m just too disgusted……

  2. Audacte

    I don’t know where to start… First, I guess would be to ignore Julia (minimal) contributions and focus on Edward Norton who far exceeds anything Julia has done. Secondly, would be to figuratively bitch-slap Vanity Fair for lacking originality; for putting Julia and George on the cover for NO reason other than sales and to ignore the multitude of EXCEPTIONAL people inside the magazine who far outweigh Julia and George in their environmental drive. Vanity Fair’s content was excellent. Their cover was pure drivel. Julia and George: irrelevant. On a sad note: take a moment and read the VF article on West Virginia: it will break your heart.

  3. katie

    She wears the gayest jeans. Always.

  4. parissucksliterally

    Oh yeah…she’s SO environmentally conscious while she wastes HOW much fuel on her damn PRIVATE PLANES……these people make me sick with their soapboxes.

  5. cait

    First of “gayest jeans ever”. The woman is how old? She’s allowed to wear what she is comfortable in. Also, I think it is terribly condescending to use a derogatory version of a sexual preference.
    Secondly, I think that it’s great that atleast some of Hollywood has issused as to which they are concerned. Perhaps she may waste fuel, or have other wasteful tendencies, but she is trying in some ways that many of us aren’t. She doesn’t need the money, sure, but she returns them for the idea of reusing.
    I would love to see the people bashing her in every day life, in what ways you are environmentally active. She may not do every little thing, but she does try. As a huge role model in society, she knows she is in the spotlight and she is always conscious of that.
    As for the references to her as America’s sweetheart, try watching her movies. She is a fabulous, emotionally-driven actress, and glows in both her skill and her appearance. She has a unique look, not some skinny blonde with every body part in perfect proportion.

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