Julia Roberts Goes Blue For Gala Honoring Tom Hanks

And we’re not talking about her dress. That was Sally Field.

In a simple white dress and black cardigan, Glamazon Julia Roberts dropped some F-bombs at the Film Society of Lincoln Center event to honor Tom Hanks. Though the actress might have looked sweet, the words coming out of her mouth at the podium were anything but.

Jokingly, Roberts told the audience, “Alright well, it’s late and I’m paying my babysitter overtime and I have to pee.”

The star continued, “So Tom, everybody f—–g likes you. All my bits are gone. Listen, I had lunch today with Rita [Wilson, Hanks’ wife], and her t–s were here [motioned high] and her waist was here [motioned small] and her a– was like that [motioned high], so what can I tell you that’s new? Tom Hanks, what the f–k?” 

But it was all good, as she wrapped up her expletive-laden speech teasing the actor about his hairstyle in Ladykillers and his accent in The Terminal by saying, “Tom Hanks, I love you.” That Julia has no problem taking the gloves off when the occasion calls for it.

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