Julia Roberts For Ferre

March 28th, 2006 // 34 Comments

Full disclosure here, I’m not the biggest fan of Julia Roberts. She joins the growing trend of celebrities who have decided to front designer campaigns. Judging by these photos, especially the bottom right photo, it looks like Gianfranco Ferre made the wrong choice.

Kim Basinger‘s first ads for Miu Miu have appeared in the latest issue of Vogue. The 52-year-old actress looks characteristically sultry in the ads, and is among a selection of elder generation actresses who have starred in high profile advertising campaign for spring/summer 2006: Halle Berry for Versace, Julia Roberts for Gianfranco Ferre and Drew Barrymore for Missoni.

(Source: Vogue UK, images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. pook

    I dont see anything good looking about her. In my opinion she is not just plain but downright ugly. She is a good actress and seems like an intelignet individual but there is nothing good looking about her, not body, and not face.

  2. tia

    I love those Halle Berry ads for Versace … She looks great !!

  3. dottcomm1

    she looks like a monkey

  4. Small Fry

    Duck lips and bad hair do not a model make. They were way off base in choosing her.

  5. Pretty Ugly Woman

    She’s getting uglier and uglier. She should us all do a favor and do a Greta Garbo.

  6. myeyes

    She looks like a frog with bad hair dye.

    Shoes are WAY too sexy for her…

  7. Nick

    Those are stunning pictures!

    This woman is beautiful, she puts berry on a corner any time

  8. Girly Girl

    I, for one, am glad to somebody, ANYBODY who is an honest-to-god adult on a cover or in an ad. I am so sick and tired of emmaciated preadolescent pouty coked out crackheads who haven’t even hit puberty smaked up there for all the world to adore. THAT is supposed to be the new standard of femininity?!?!?! Oh Hellllllll NO!

    Give me Julia, Kim, Halle, or Drew any day over skanks like Lohan and Jessica Simpson…

  9. jenner

    pook: I completely agree, except for the “good actress” part – she’s not as painful to watch as Keanu, but she’s close….
    And while I’m making comparisons – she’s not as horsefaced as Tori Spelling, but she’s close…..

  10. C

    I think most people are forgetting that practically 99% of all models are weird looking or have some kind of quirk to them. (Tyra’s forhead, Cindy’s mole, etc.) I will agree that she isn’t the best choice for them but that the first two pictures don’t look half bad – the third is WAY off base. Those shoes do not belong on her body. They would have done better with someone like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  11. my2cents

    Ah, at last…a REAL celebrity!

  12. PleaseThink

    Oh they made the wrong decision or whoever the stylist was did not do her justice. Julia looks best with her hair down and curly like in Pretty Woman. She is not striking enough wear her hair back.

  13. uptown slacker

    Juuuulia, a little lipstick never hurt anybody! What? Honey! Honey! What is it? You’re beautiful! You look beautiful. Just a little dab…right….here…stop moving your head away from me!

  14. Silasdog

    Girly Girl you rocked it with “emmaciated preadolescent pouty coke out crack heads.” I love it. I gotta tell ya though, Julia is looking a bit “strange” in these photos if ya ask me. Anyway, never I never thought she was a great actress. But that photo with her legs spread is based on many sweaty performances from “Theater of The Mattress.”

  15. Mugatu

    The woman has only one look for Christ’s sake! Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigra? They’re the same face! Doesn’t anybody notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  16. jodroc

    Love Julia. She is great. Talented, seems smart, gorgeous funny and cool – and she was so right for the part in Oceans 12. She is kind of tomboyish – a gorgeous one of the guys.

    Anyway – if you use a celebrity for endorsement and dress them – they should be in outfit you can image. i can never see her in those silvery glittery hideous pants. The white stuff yeah, but silver glittery 80s pants. NFW.

  17. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    Are the bare feet alluding to her Lyle Lovett wedding “fashion don’t?”

  18. jed

    she looks very refined. i know what ferre’s people were doing here. something androgenous, what with the hair and julia roberts’ strong features (which yes, suggest greta garbo and marlene dietrich). these are not the only pics in the ad. i’ve seen more and she looks less european in the others, more to your american tastes. anyway, i find it bizarre that you can say she’s ugly or horseface because, well, no one’s entirely sure how you look. how about you give us a pic of yourself and then we compare. deal? no? okay. do more potshots on the woman.

  19. las

    I don’t mean to sound insulting, but when I first glimpsed that picture, before I knew who it was, I thought she was a man.

  20. Mugatu

    At least the big blue vein in the middle of her forhead isn’t popping out, like it’s prone to do when she’s “acting” upset. (See “Sleeping With The Enemy, no 3D glasses required.)

    Hey Julia, Billy Zane wants to know when you’re gonna drop “Magnum” on us?

    Total Zoolander. She can dere-lick my balls, Capitan!

  21. jj

    Finally a magazine that doesn’t have Jen on the cover. I thought we were lost.

  22. JAFO

    I’m not a fan of Julia, but I have to defend
    her on this one. We’ve all seen her when a
    good stylist and makeup artist have done
    their work — she can look drop dead gorgeous
    when she wants to. Her strong features and
    larger than life personality really come through on the camera. This photographer and his entire crew did a horrible job. Even if they were going for some sort of subdued look and restrained makeup,
    the lighting is flat. Her eyes appear sunken
    and dead; there’s no catchlight in them. Hell,
    you can’t even tell what color her eyes are.
    There’s no light bouncing off of her
    hair or skin either. She seems very stiff and
    uncomfortable. Ferre deserves a refund.

  23. terk

    Not only does Julia Roberts have an ugly freakish mouth, an oddly shaped head, and a hawk’s nose, but she’s also a nasty homewrecking whore. I have never gotten the appeal of her. I’ve seen prettier women working at the cash register at my grocery store, okay? You people who are fans of hers confuse heavy makeup, anorexia, fake tits, and good hairstyling (although certainly not in evidence here) with attractiveness. And her acting–don’t even get me started! She SUCKS!

  24. Joëlle

    Drew Barrymore is “elder generation”? Hello?

  25. burdy

    I think she is beautiful. I´d like to see any of you match her in style, talent, personaliy or looks. Many of you just seem like you need to get your lives together. Get a job, a new hairdo or just go for a walk. It´s not healthy for chickenheads to think too much.

  26. Audacte

    Gee Terk… tell us how you really feel. My two cents: this whole trend towards having “movie stars” (versus “actors” and there is a huge difference) as the spokes-model for a line is a way to get 1) cheap publicity; 2) quick recognition and 3) hopefully new buyers who identify/adore/worship the movie star in question. Now, what that all does is: 1) question why the clothing line can’t stand on its own merit; 2) turn off the people who happen to not like the movie star in question; 3) take money away from poverty-striken models who don’t happen to have the right agent pushing them to be a “movie star”. Note: again, I delineate between movie star and actor. From a marketing point of view, the reason Halle, Julia, Uma, Demi, et al are being chosen is not some gracious recognition of a woman’s beauty transcending age. It is a recognition that the buyers are in that age range themselves and most closely identify with those stars.

  27. Audacte

    Now, my catty comment: her feet look huge in that one picture; plus, the bland make-up and hair pulled back do not help take your eyes away from how awkward her face really is. However, I thank them for not showing her teeth.

  28. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    Oh sure she’s pretty, if you like a cross eyed large mouth bass.

  29. Kelsey

    She would have looked much better with her hair down….but it’s so nice not to have a skank in these pictures…go Julia!!

  30. Kari

    Wow, did she pay THEM to let her model? She was already awkward, but she’s getting really ugly over the past few years. She does not have the face (or ears) to have her hair pulled back. She needs to have her hair covering her face. I can’t believe how horrid those pics are!

  31. woman

    my god.. i fell in love with her right now :-) she has personality and individuality.. sweet!

  32. ama

    Leave Julia alone! She does have talent – I’m sure you weren’t saying this kind of crap about her when she won her Oscar or was dating someone you thought was hot. No, she settled down, had kids and has been out of the limelight. These ads are for EUROPEANS. Maybe in America she doesn’t seem beautiful compared to your definition of beauty – she doesn’t have a fat ass or blonde hair and big breasts. But by French standards she has an interesting face. There is depth to her eyes. And please people, let’s not forget she has gorgeous legs. GORGEOUS. And that you would have big feet too if you were over 5’10. Think any supermodels like Gisele have a size 6 dainty foot? And whoever said thank god it’s like Jennifer Anniston again, no thank you. How the hell did she get a reputation for being a beauty? To quasi-quote Jane Austen – she a beauty? I’d sooner call her ex-husband a wit!

  33. d.c.

    I don’t know why but her facial expressions.. her smile and eyes remind me of Ron Howard..

  34. jj

    I think its refreshing to see Julia again. She is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.
    What I ment about the Jennifer Aniston remark is that I was glad it wasn’t her on the cover because I am sick of her being on every cover. I don’t think she is beautiful- slightly pretty maybe but definitely not beautiful.

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