Julia Roberts Attends LAByrinth Theater Company Benefit

Just after it was announced that Julia Roberts is the new face of Lancôme, she took her money-making visage to celebrate the LAByrinth Theater Company’s 7th Annual Gala Benefit. Already, that investment the makeup company has made in Julia is paying off, as her flawless face radiates on the red carpet.

To raise money during the splashy event, celebrities participated in a game of speed charades, divided into four teams. Two years ago, Law & Order: SVU, Christopher Meloni was victorious and according to what he told Entertainment Tonight, he was looking for a win. “It’s not going to be pretty,” Meloni cautioned before the event.

Julia’s niece, Emma Roberts, showed up as well, showing off her family’s good looks with a fresh face and long locks. Julia Stiles was also there, as well as Kristen Wiig, who I would guess would be awesome at charades.

Gallery Info: Julia Roberts, Christopher Meloni, Padma Lakshmi, Shannon Elizabeth, Tom Colicchio, Billy Crudup, Sam Rockwell, Jesse L Martin, Kristen Wiig, David Sayas, Emma Roberts, Julia Stiles, John Krasinski and Yul Vazquez at the LAByrinth Theater Company’s 7th Annual Gala.