Julia Roberts Needs You To Leave

May 29th, 2008 // 29 Comments

Julia Roberts‘ smug ass held up production on her new film Duplicity in Rome yesterday. She was filming a scene in where she makes out with co-star Clive Owen at the Fiumicino Airport. Except she stopped and refused to to film when paparazzi showed up to capture all the hot f*ck action. This bitch needs to get over herself. I’m usually all for her ass (Notting Hill is tremendous and don’t even get me started about Shelby, drink your juice and how blush and bashful were her signature colors for the wedding) but she needs to realize what she does and how it works. She’s got that Oprah mentality sometimes and I don’t like it one bit.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. Lynne

    Her actions don’t bother me one bit. I mean who needs to see that anyways? Plus would make a good bit on a Dirt episode.

  2. green cardigan

    she was fine kissing her husband in front of the paps yesterday or the day before. So why is it now a problem?

    I reckon she’s an almighty Diva, stamping her foot and throwing tantrums when the mood takes her and the following day all sweetness and smiles. Freaaaaakoid.

  3. T-Bone

    The movie, Closer, was amazing for two reasons: Clive Owens & Natalie Portman. End of story.

  4. Green Is Good

    Never understood her appeal. She plays herself in nearly every movie she’s in.

  5. Eugenia

    I LOVE JULIA !!!

  6. peachpie

    yeah i dig her too — the temper tantrum’s a little odd though.

    and mr. harvey i hope you got my missive about mr. brad carlton. it was awesome. i thought of you immediately!

  7. Andrea

    Fantastic Julia,she is great.

  8. erika

    Julia and Clive hot couple!
    Love Julia

  9. georgygirl

    What’sa matter? You mad cuz you can’t print lies about her cheating on her husband with Clive Owen or how the two of them got a little too intimate while filming. Good for her! Paparazzi are a bunch of dirtbags and people like you who support them are too.

  10. BLECH!


  11. xxx

    I heard clive in love with her…

  12. isabel

    She is wonderful!!love her!also looks BEAUT?FUL

  13. maureen

    I TOLD ya’ll she was a bitch!

  14. juliafan

    She’s great actress her performance in erin brockovich ,closer,stepmom,charlie wilson’s war etc. are superb…why do you criticize Julia? and she looks gorgeous ( she isn’t botox face n.kidman )..

  15. incognegro

    Good for Julia, I like her spunk and somebody needs to stand up to those f&k*ng pappar-asses!They get in the way, cause trouble, and then want to sue the celebrities. They shouldn’t have the priviledge that they do have to invade those people’s privacy. Julia caught a pappar-ass following her to her kids’s school and I think its when she started freaking about papparrazi following her around. Until then she didn’t have a problem with them. I don’t blame her, it’s gone too far with these “need a real job” low lifers. I really believe they caused Princess Di’s early death; Morons!

  16. Gotta say

    It’s unreasonable for her to expect the paparrazi to leave them alone while they are WORKING??? I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s bad enough that they invade their private lives all the time, but mess with them while they’re trying to do their jobs? Good for her.

  17. T-Bone

    Yeah right — 15 different people commented on how much they love Julia Roberts within like 15 mintues. I don’t think so — -same person commenting.

    Look — don’t feel sad for Julia. Julia loves herself enough for all of us.

  18. maureen

    Amen, T-Bone!

  19. say what?

    yeah, Julia is SO great…

    …never mind that she’s another homewrecker.

    and to incognegro…she’s quite the dangerous driver herself. one time she was videotaped driving EXTREMELY recklessly/dangerously because (in her words) she “wanted to teach the paps that were following her a lesson” on how dangerous they are with how they drive.

    hypocrite much?

  20. Centurian

    Queen Julia needs to completely concentrate while acting out this scene to make sure the shot does not show her bad side and any imperfections k? You don’t pay, support her efforts of perfection.. you don’t stay. She’s not working this hard and suffering in sticky make-up, uncomfortable shoes and ugh clothes, with multiple shots in many angles to allow these invaders to make a profit off a flaw they might photograph.

  21. bathsheba

    BLUSH & BASHFUL!!! I love it!! Miss thing needs to remember that she came out on SATISFACTION. If there’s one thing us girls need its to see more of Clive Owen, the real James Bond!!

  22. gosh

    why are you people so sure it was her idea? she’s not even the director of the film. she’s not producing. she’s an actor in a collaborative production. why are people always so ready to pile on the blame to the woman who has gotten some measure of success. the director is by her side, doing the same thing she’s doing. he’s the white haired guy. that’s the director. i think he has more authority to stop the shooting.

    oh and stop defending these paparazzi people. yeah, we like seeing stars do whatever. but they’re shooting the film themselves. it’s like the movie is being shot by two crews. or maybe their cameras were ruining the shot? ever thought of that? GOSH! you people can be so stupid. STUPID, THOUGHTLESS. ugh. disgusting.

  23. incognegro

    To say what?: I don’t give a hoot if she’s a homewrecker, t’is irrelevant to this topic. The point is the papparrazis do go too far. Sometimes they do get in the way and cause mishaps, even to themselves. Did you read about the Britney Spears incident? when she ran over a pprrzz’s foot? and he just walked away? he knew he was wrong otherwise, he’d have tried to sue her. He was so close in front of her car that the fool didn’t realize his foot was in the path of her front tires; that’s what I’m talking about! and all the others that got socked and cameras broken by celebrities that were annoyed at them. As for her reckless driving, that’s the day one followed her to her kid’s school and she was afraid he might have been some pervert hanging around kiddies school posing as a photographer. Yes it might have been a bit careless but she was a like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Shoot; she did good, I’d have socked him or something and popped him in the head with his camera and I’m not the violent type (smile)

  24. Munk

    i usually claim to hating the Julia Roberts celebrity, but i have to admit i have a newfound respect for her actions. i think all celebrities should do this once they see the papz. just stop what they are doin and wait for them to leave. she might still be a smug bXtch, but i actually like her now…

  25. say what?

    the homewrecker comment was to all the “multiple” posters fawning over her. and yes, it is relevant to any topic where people talk about how wonderful she is. she’s NOT wonderful.

    and I’m not disagreeing with you that the paps sometimes go too far. but, it’s horribly hypocritical of her, and just as dangerous (and childish, and unnecessary, and bad judgment) for her to drive like SHE did to prove a point. that’s all I’m saying. “a bit careless”. no, it was more than that. it was irresponsible, dangerous, stupid, etc…

  26. Just about every movie she’s been is was shit.
    And so is her crappy acting.

  27. yvonnew.says

    i always say if you dont like julia why watch her then criticise all i can say is she is a wonderful human being and so pleasant i would not like cameras in my face all the time she does need a break .

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