Julia Roberts: Shitty Woman

Julia Roberts stinks. Here she is with Clive Owen filming Duplicity in NYC. The reason why ole’ Clive seems to be backing up off her is because she doesn’t use deodorant. At all. Julia rinses the pits and starts her day. She doesn’t even use those rocks to defunk that the vegans use. When sensitive ponytail vegan people (long-haired freaky people?) think you reek, something’s up.

“I don’t like to share that with a large number of people, but it’s just never been my thing,” America’s Sweetheart says about deodorant whether it be sticks, rolls or gels.

I wouldn’t share it either. It explains all the wavy cartoon lines coming off her all the time. I wondered what the hell that was obscuring my enjoyment of Sleeping with the Enemy. Someone re-arranged the towels and I couldn’t get what everyone was gasping about because of her stinklines!

Photos: SplashNewsOnline.com

12 more photos of Julia Roberts and Clive Owen on the set of Duplicity are after the jump.

Photos: SplashNewsOnline.com