Julia Roberts Is Seriously Over The Paparazzi

December 14th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Uh oh. Julia doesn’t look happy. And even though these pictures only tell part of the story, we’re still going to assume that it’s only because she’s faced with the paparazzi that she’s looking so annoyed. Come on, Julia! Cheer up! I honestly didn’t even know that we still cared enough to bother you, but then I remembered that you’re in some movie with Tom Hanks and you two were just on Oprah promoting it, so I guess we still have good reason to tail you. Granted, her personal life does seem to have been shenanigan-free for some time now, so we kind of have to get what we can. Seriously though, you’re going to miss us when we’re gone.

Photos: INFDaily.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lily

    If I looked that bad, I suppose I wouldn’t want to have my photo taken either! What has happened to Julia’s looks?? Of course, with her ego, I doubt she questions her “fabulousness”.

  2. Granger

    Yet another example of how top make-up artists and hair stylists (not to mention great lighting) can turn any woman into a goddess.

    Julia needs to lighten up. She’s such an overrated actress, with an overblown ego. Doesn’t she realize she has fans who want to see photos of her? Smile for the papparazzi, for pete’s sake. Would it really kill you????

  3. FreakyZ

    Why oh why did this bitch have to come back?

    I cannot fucking stand this hag.

  4. g

    Actually, she’s right. She doesn’t need you paparazzi assholes. No performer with talent does.

    So you guys should just fuck off and chase the scandalous ones.

  5. Loob

    “Shenanigan-free.” I love that, Lisa!
    That’s what my new year’s resolution will be, to have a year that is shenanigan-free!
    Thanks babe, you helped me, and now I have an answer for the parents.

  6. devil

    Oh dear, those are some unfortunate pics of Julia. She’s never been a beauty, but she wasn’t scary (like now).

    She’s not just seriously over the paparazzi….she’s seriously over – period. Maybe that’s the real reason she’s so angry?

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