Julia Roberts Used Her Body to Find Her Husband

Mother of three, Julia Roberts, believes that when she first met her husband and the father of her children, Danny Moder, she just knew that they were destined to be together. According to Julia, this is how it went down:

“It’s the most correct decision I’ve ever made in my life – not that it was even a decision, because it just overtakes you. My whole body knew: ‘Yes.’ He’s just my favorite guy.”

Hmm, unfortunately, he happened to be somebody else’s favorite guy at the time, as Danny was married to another woman when they met. I know it’s old news, but it is my duty to be snarky, as well as to insist on yanking celebrities’ skeletons out of their closets. But they’re still together and have three kids, so I guess Julia’s bod must have known something.

Photos: Splash/Flynet Onilne

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Photos: Splash/Flynet Onilne