Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Stinking Rich

September 7th, 2004 // 7 Comments

Yes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is an heiress too. She’s stinking rich on her own right as well. Her Seinfeld stint put her in the money for life.

Julia’s dad, Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, runs the family’s Louis-Dreyfus Group, a diversified commodities, energy, shipping, real estate, manufacturing, and communications conglomerate, from offices in New York and Paris.  His empire is worth an estimated $2.9 billion.  Considering her father often refers to Julia as his “pride and joy,” some estimate her inheritance could reach ten figures.

Ryan Perry of Gorillamask (via Adrants) has posted a comparison between heiress Paris Hilton and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It looks like Julia is set to inherit about $573.5 million more than Paris.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mark

    Now THAT’S justice for you!

  2. Jon

    And she still brings her change to the Commerce Bank herself, what a down-to-earth gal! :)

  3. Maybe you should run a regular “rate the heiresses” column; this was fun!

  4. Ced Johnson

    I agree with Jak King, “rate the heiresses” would be a riot! Besides, it was about time Paris was knocked down a peg or two.

  5. steve

    All that and her vocabulary includes phrases other than “that’s hot!” Also, I’ve never seen a picture of her with Tara Reid.

  6. astralgirl01

    yay! finally, justice for the smart girls out there!

    and i love the comment about her bringing the change to commerce… so funny!

  7. Robert Duffy

    I am a BIG fan of julia dreyfus, but was a little shocked to see her in scenes from fake porn from seinfeld. Is she aware of this? Can she take legal action?

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