Julia Louis-Dreyfus Name Misspelled On Her Walk Of Fame Star

May 5th, 2010 // 3 Comments


Julia Louis-Dreyfuss received her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Unfortunately her name was misspelled. CNN blogger David Daniel noticed that her name was spelled Julia Luis-Dreyfuss, with the “o” missing (and a hyphen) from Louis, and made a little call to the Walk of Fame people.

Leave to the star of The New Adventures of Old Christine and former Seinfeld start to find this error completely hilarious. However, the press rep for the Hollywood Walk of Fame almost puked when she found out about the error.

As a memento from the event, Julia got to keep the “Luis.” Imagine if this happened to another celebrity, like Faye Dunaway (Doneaway). People would have been slaughtered.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anon

    Too bad you spelled her name wrong, too. Twice. It’s Dreyfus, not DreyfusS.

  2. Dumas

    It’s strange to see Larry David in candid shots… I keep expecting him to open his mouth and piss off everyone around him.

  3. odd

    Odd that it’s spelled correctly in the bottom picture and incorrectly in the bird’s eye view picture.

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