Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza Wins Survivor: Nicaragua

If you’re away for the holidays and have this bad boy on TiVo, sorry for the spoiler!  My bad!

But for the rest of you Survivor fans out there, I know you’ve already heard the big news that Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza was crowned the glamorous Queen of Nicaragua (or whatever the prize for that show is – cheese log maybe?), but now you can feast your eyes on some pictures of the CBS Finale and Reunion Party that went down Sunday.  Ok, it’s only three guys, Fabio, Chase, and Sash (are these names real or from a romance novel?) aka Judson Birza, Chase Rice, and Matthew Lenahan.  But they look very clean and not starving and are giving us serious face.  If I’d known that there were such hot dudes on Survivor, I would have started watching ages ago.