Judge Trying To Make A Point In Anna Nicole Paternity Drama

The judge in the Daniellyn Hope Smith (or Stern?) case is acting all King Solomon and trying to make points or star in his own fable or some mess. Whatever. I don’t think Howard K. Stern is garnering anyone’s sympathy. Except maybe for say, the Lindbergh baby kidnapper or the child stealer from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Judge Seidlin has just asked Howard K. Stern to write Dannielynn’s name on an easel under the word “daughter,” the reason for which was not entirely clear. Stern took a marker, strode across the room somberly, and wrote the name on a sheet of white paper on the easel.

“Why are we spending so much time here?” asked the judge. “We’re here to save one child.”

I’m having trouble reading the tone of that. Is he complaining because it’s interfering with lunch or his golf game? Or is he trying to stress the importance of what’s going on. Hopefully the latter. The kid needs someone in her corner that doesn’t have cartoon dollar signs obscuring their vision or their morals.