Judge In Anna Nicole Case Lusts For Fame

February 22nd, 2007 // 11 Comments

The judge is acting like a total donkey . He seriously wants to be on Surreal Life Fame Games. Any second now he’s gonna be in a puffy dress and singing “I Wrote A Letter to Daddy”.

Seidlin – who earlier compiled a demo tape of his engaging courtroom theatrics to shop around for a possible TV deal, according to TMZ.com – has made his own headlines with his playful, outspoken and occasionally sharp manner, whether attacking terms of Smith’s will (“no woman in America would sign a clause like that”) or honing in on Smith’s drug use and Stern’s financial dependence on Smith.

Levity is an added factor in Seidlin’s courtroom. Larry Birkhead, who is battling Stern in a side dispute over paternity of Smith’s 5-month-old daughter Danielynn, confessed on the stand that he was “having a hard time” reaching a conclusion on where he’d like to see Smith’s body buried. “You?” Seidlin interjected. “What about me?”

Demo tape? DEMO TAPE? Flavor of Love 3 with Judge Seidlin? Easy there, your honor. I’m sure if you rolled up on Hyde with no panties, you’re guaranteed a reel on TMZ at this point.

By J. Harvey

  1. Ceenitall

    I hope the board the regulates judges in Floridia takes some action on this guy. If this is any indication on how he runs his courtroom then he needs to be removed from the bench ASAP.
    I mean really tears in his eyes??????

  2. Ray

    A BLATANT fame grab. I was wholly unimpressed with him.

  3. AMFraser

    I must beg to differ. I own a donkey and I have never seen him behave this badly.

    I’m waiting for the Dancing Itos to kick-step in.

  4. Julie

    This bozo’s decision could have been made the minute he appointed the guardian ad litem for Dannielynn. All of the testimony and personal narrative was totally self serving. This “Judge” made a mockery of the system and of the situation.

  5. ya ya

    ===The judge is so annoying. He wasted so much time with all his stupid talk that had nothing to do with the case! Talk about hogging the spotlight! what an a*s! Even he needs his moment in the spotlight, eh judge? Who cares that this is all about saving a little girl. No decency whatsoever.

  6. Buffy

    Gee what a BIG surprise that everyone involved in this sad case is a BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lana

    There are no words to express the magnitude this guy, who posed as a judge, made a total ass out of himself and our judicial system in general. He ought to be stripped down of his robe and kicked to the curb post haste!! His sobbing behind the bench was just a real joke. I don’t know who he thought he was kidding.

  8. Lina

    He keeps pronouncing the baby’s name “Daniel-lynn.” Someone kill him.

  9. EraserFan

    I would never in my wildest dreams figure this non-story to be gathering so much attention and talk. I can’t fucking believe it.

    At least the two month dead zone between football and baseball is almost over and I won’t feel the need to drive into the guardrail every night on the way home from work listening to engaging talk about where they are going to bury a girl famous for having nice sweater meat and marrying a geezer for his money.

    Now I think I’ll go watch Kim Kardaskisanandnnan’s sex tape, if you’ll kindly excuse me.

  10. RodeoGirl

    If this was any other, average joe citizen a paternity test would have been granted a long time ago to shorten the player list. But since FAME and superficial view of history being made, the jackass is dragging it out as long as he can to keep the media on him. Great contribution to society….moron.

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