Jude Law’s Packing Some Heat

July 8th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Alrighty then.

(Image via ohnotheydidn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    Damn! thats why she is always all up on him!

  2. Shani

    I think he looks like a big dork.

  3. LA

    how can something look so wrong and so right at the same time…

  4. MTC

    Wrrrroar! No wonder she looks so happy.

  5. tatty

    :) Looks a little bit GAYISH if you ask me :o

  6. starrzz

    The hair is horrible, but below the waist….
    IS THAT REAL?! holy hell….00 jude law!!

  7. Tootie

    Both his heads look over-inflated…

  8. Brian

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….So THAT”S why Chris Rock was so bitter about Jude Law at this years Oscars………

  9. JJUK

    After this photo was taken he got in a fight with a photographer about a handbag – he looks TERRIBLE here, like he’s wearing a really really bad wig

  10. yikes

    Is that a colt .45 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  11. MADusa

    He looks like that serial killer Paul Bernardo!!

  12. A Boy and His Dog

    “Fun things you can do with your silk robe tie, on todays Oprah”

  13. Davis

    That head is so fake! As fake as the read toupe he is wearing on the other head!

  14. !van

    That pic is real. take a look at the original pic: http://www.law-less.org/photos/displayimage.php?album=107&pos=1

  15. Wanna Be Jude Law's Nanny

    Where do I apply for the open position?

  16. Needs a Job

    I want to apply for the nanny position with Jude Law

  17. whoa.......Jude???

    I think they need to make a pants with three legs for Jude. DAMN…..only the third leg wouldn’t be for a leg……

  18. bighotrod

    it’s not real guys, he has something in his pants. why do you think she has the expression on her face like “isn’t he funny, such a prankster”. believe me, if that was real, they would already be home.

  19. Master of shock

    Wow. Green banana growing in wrong place. Sienna should not eat it. It might be damage her stomach

  20. shelley10

    Where did everyone go to see the pic of Jude & his jewels?????

  21. duh..hello?

    umm hello…does any one remember that he had those nude tabloid pictures and he was NOT that big? this is totally fake…

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