Jude Law Wanted Three-Way With Nanny

July 20th, 2005 // 26 Comments

While Sienna Miller is too angry to cry, this Jude Law Nanny scandal is only getting better. I’m sure Sadie Frost is loving the fact that Jude cheated on the woman who cheated on her.

Randy Jude begged nanny Daisy to take part in a threesome sex orgy with him and another woman, it emerged last night. But shocked Daisy rejected his plea.

The revelation will heap even more misery on fiancée Sienna — already reeling from the news that he bedded the nanny. A close pal of Daisy said: “Jude made the offer out of the blue while they were in America.

“He didn’t name names. It never went that far because Daisy turned him down immediately. She is a respectable young girl and told him No in no uncertain terms.

“Daisy did fancy Jude but she didn’t want to share him intimately with another woman. She just isn’t that kind of girl.”

What was Jude thinking when he bedded “doughy” Daisy Miller.

Lust for 3-in-bed sex [The Sun]
Jude Law needs to rethink his approach [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    I did not know that he cheated on Sadie with Sienna. Very interesting…

  2. Liz

    I did not know this either. And why do these Brits come to the US and decide to act up (Hello Hugh Grant)?

  3. Brian

    Now THAT’S a headline you’ll never see on The New York Times……..pity.

  4. Callisto

    Jude Law Didn’t Deserve Forgiveness From Sienna!! I Hope She Is Not Dumb Enough To Ever Forgive Him… because He Is a DOG!!

  5. smartypants

    Um- they called Daisy “respectable.” I’m not sure she exactly fits the definition of that word- unless it’s a very loose defintion, maybe. Perhaps they’re comparing her to someone more depraved. I’m just saying. And I probably would’ve done him too. And I’m not very proud of the fact.

  6. bethany

    How could people not know that Jude cheated on Sadie? he was a jerk to her! She was suffering a bout of depression adn he was all, “lemme find a younger skinnier chick!”

    And as far as the “doughy” description, I resemble that remark! Sheesh! I think she is refrshingly plump! YOU GO DAISY!

  7. Rob

    UHHH…once a cheat ALWAYS a cheat!

  8. bunnynutz

    What makes women think they are so freakin’ special? If he did it to Sadie, he’d do it to Sienna, and he’ll do it to Daisy…and so on and so on and so on.

  9. beyza

    im deeply sad for sienna…what kind of a man can do this to her?she is beautiful smart and pretty…also she gave everything to him some guys never deserve love…i know everything will be ok for sienna…cause she never forgive him…

  10. RG

    Sienna can’t be that smart, she believed he’d be faithful to her.
    It is a damn shame that a nice looking young lady is called doughey because she hasn’t starved herself to the walking tooth pick that seems to be the fashion of our over paid celeberties. On the other hand, she’s not the respectable young woman she claims to be if she slept with a man who is knowingly engaged ( or even involved) to another.
    Come on ladies, a little sister power!

  11. mary

    Daisy is “not that kind of girl”? – referring to sharing a man intimately?

    Who the hell wrote that garbage? Are we forgetting that Jude already had a gf when so called “respectable” daisy slept with him?

  12. Jean Jeannie

    men who cheat will always cheat. As for his standards in choosing his sex partners…a hole is a hole is a hole….

  13. Courtney

    I was thinking, who hired the nanny? Hiring a pretty young nanny to be with horny Jude on location seems pretty stupid…or pretty smart. I think Sadie orchestrated it. Like you stole my man, but my nanny’s gonna steal him right back. Something like that.

  14. doofus

    I feel like I’m reading my own thoughts when I read some of these comments.

    Smartypants – I caught that too…”respectable”? in her eyes, having a 3way is NOT respectable, but willingly having sex with an engaged man is OK? I’d have more respect for her if she had a 3way with two unattached men, or her bf and another single guy. As long as no one is getting hurt or abused, what people do in their bedroom should not determine if they are “respectable” or not.

    bethany – I agree…refreshingly plump, but compared to Sienna? sorry, but she is simply nothing in comparison. and she DOES have a weird looking face.

    Rob (and others who said the same thing in differnet words) – YES! once a cheat, always a cheat.

    and Courtney – this is the FIRST question I had. why would anyone hire a nanny who is young and (sort of, passibly) pretty? isn’t “the dad boinking the nanny” the biggest cliche around? I wonder if Sadie set it up, too, and after it happened and she had no more use for Daisy, she fired her.

    here’s my take – this is not to forgive Jude by any means – but I can understand why he does what he does. he’s young, VERY good looking, and a big movie star. he can get pretty much any woman he wants, and if I were in his shoes, I’d want to be with as many hot women as I could before I get to looking like…well, like sean connery without his wig. so, if this is the case, WHY OH WHY does he have to get married or engaged? just have girlfriends, and make sure they know that “they’re not the only one”. that way, no one gets hurt because the situation is clear to both or all parties.


  15. Kate

    You hire a nanny because they’re reliable, responsible, and good with your children. If you’re a good person, a faithful spouse, and a responsible parent, it shouldn’t matter if your nanny looks like Kathy Griffin or Elle Macpherson. Jude is the all-around asshole here. Hopefully now that his reputation is known around the world, we’ll only have to endure a few “Jude is reformed!” pseudo-relationships before he falls into oblivion.

  16. Jen

    Funny how he was in the movie Closer. Poor girl.

  17. keldawn

    You know it’s hopeless when when a guy cheats on a woman as gorgeous as sienna miller with THAT THING, good lord…

  18. C_in_AZ

    What did Sienna expect? She needs to get a grip – and a backbone – and stop crying. It’s annoying. Once a cheater, always a cheater. How stupid do you have to be to think you’ll be the one to change him? I used to like her – now I just think she’s whiny.

  19. Cynthia

    You know, I was thinking….he left Sadie when she had post partum depression. Now, if she had just exercised more and used vitamins, like Tom Cruise says to do…..

  20. OMG

    You know…Daisy looks bad NOW that she’s gotten her “publicity makeoever,” But she wasn’t bad looking AT ALL as a brunette just months ago:

  21. At least he’s destroying that “Brits are sexually repressed” theory.

    And Sienna ain’t all that, unless you’re actually attracted to greyhounds that haven’t slept in a week.

  22. Lisa

    Kate, reliable, responsible parents that are good with their children do not hire nannies on the weekends. They actually spend time with their children!!!

  23. Foxy Chick

    Cut the bastard some slack, for crying out loud! It’s just about opportunity. Given the chance, I would have bounced on his dick in a heart beat, married or not. Then face the music. Afterall what’s the good of being alive if you’re not going to live!

  24. HRH

    Sadie, one has to take one’s hat off to you and to think we all had you down as a simple dress maker. You have managed to orchestrate a subtle but effective plan of sweet vengeance, “Operation Daisy”, then you slithered out, unblemished, looking like the heroine.

    Bravo! Wish I had thought of it first.
    Camilla Parker-bowles

  25. Basic Training!

    I don’t think his affair had nothing to do with how beautiful he thought the nanny was. Sometimes, high profile people cheat with people in their inner circle because their is a certain familiarity,closeness and convience. I think he was lonely, and she was convienient. If it wasn’t so public it would be easier for them to work it out. Good Luck Jude!!! Prove your love to her if you want her back!

  26. pam

    Serves Sienna right. Why does everyone pity her husband stealing ass? What goes around comes around. Sadie must be laughing her head off!

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