Jude Law Wanted Three-Way With Nanny

While Sienna Miller is too angry to cry, this Jude Law Nanny scandal is only getting better. I’m sure Sadie Frost is loving the fact that Jude cheated on the woman who cheated on her.

Randy Jude begged nanny Daisy to take part in a threesome sex orgy with him and another woman, it emerged last night. But shocked Daisy rejected his plea.

The revelation will heap even more misery on fiancée Sienna — already reeling from the news that he bedded the nanny. A close pal of Daisy said: “Jude made the offer out of the blue while they were in America.

“He didn’t name names. It never went that far because Daisy turned him down immediately. She is a respectable young girl and told him No in no uncertain terms.

“Daisy did fancy Jude but she didn’t want to share him intimately with another woman. She just isn’t that kind of girl.”

What was Jude thinking when he bedded “doughy” Daisy Miller.

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