Jude Law Proving Hamlet Doubters Wrong

June 4th, 2009 // 15 Comments

Yay Jude! Sorry.

Jude Law as turned doubters into believers from audiences and critics alike for his performance in Hamlet in London. Law received whistles and cheers at a production of Hamlet in which he plays the title role. Law mouthed “thank you” at the audience for their reception.

Law played the role with a lightness of touch that raised laughter in the right places. His “to be or not to be” speech was delivered amid a backdrop of falling snow.

Doctor Who star David Tennant recently played Hamlet in a critically acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company production.

Law, aged 36, was recently quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “Hamlet is a bit like a great song that’s been covered by a load of different singers.” He said it was a part he had always wanted to play adding: “Every job is a little daunting. This is a little more daunting than others.”

Daily Telegraph critic Charles Spencer said, “the evening firmly belonged to Law, who joins the modern pantheon of spellbinding sweet princes with a performance of rare vulnerability and emotional openness.”

It’s glad to see Jude’s talents finally making more noise that his conquests.

Click the continue reading link below to see video of Jude Law performing Hamlet.

Gallery Info: A surprised Jude Law greets fans and signs autographs after his performance in ‘Hamlet’ at the Wyndham’s Theatre in London

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sheryl

    Cheers to Jude! I’m happy for him that his Hamlet is a success and wish so much that I could make it to London this summer.

    “It’s glad to see Jude’s talents finally making more noise that his conquests.”

    Firstly, “conquests?” Really? What so-called conquests are you speaking about? Whether they are real or imagined, Jude is a single man who doesn’t flaunt relationships, it’s sites like yours that do that (with a lot of imagination and “reliable sources” sprinkled in). He doesn’t speak about them, you all do. So if his so-called “conquests” *cough* make any noise, you all are to blame, not him.

    Secondly, as a woman, I’m offended by the word “conquest.” If I’m with a man, I’m not his “conquest.” If I want to have sex with him, that’s my decision, not his. And any-called “conquests” may actually view Jude as THEIR conquest, a notch on THEIR bedpost. You think women don’t plot to try to get in HIS pants? Get out of the dark ages.

  2. american dreamer


    Phil is looking pretty ragged. I’m concerned.

    In response to the immediately prior post, have you forgotten that Jude Law’s YOUNG CHILD found Jude in bed in the middle of having sex with the NANNY?!?!? In his wife’s bed in front of his child!!!

    I never thought Jude was such a great actor…he has a limited range of emotion…and take great joy in knowing that his receding hairline and impenetrably hairy chest will prevent him from getting any more leadig man roles. He is one butt ugly brother.

  3. sheryl

    Whoa, Dreamer, I have no idea what you’re on about. My post questioned the use of the word “conquest,” but your rant, seemingly directed at ny post, did little to expound upon that.

    But I’ll expound upon yours, if you don’t mind. Firstly, Law wasn’t married, he was divorced. Secondly, they were not in his ex-wife’s bed, they were halfway around the world in New Orleans. Thirdly, the child “caught” them sleeping, not having sex.

    Again, a private matter that should have been kept private, blown out of proportion and propagated by sleazy tabloid-infected minds.

    One incident. Not “conquests.” The things that define Jude most, his acting, his warm and friendly personality, the fact that he’s a wonderful, devoted father, are forgotten by the reason-deficient backward thinkers. Forgiveness is something we all need at some point, regardless of why, and if we can’t give it, then we might not receive it when we need it.

    The last thing I’ll say is that you don’t come off as a very happy person. Happy people don’t come off with nasty rants about someone being ugly. You don’t actually believe that if he was standing in front of you that you’d say that, do you? Of course not, you’d probably have to change your underwear. As for him, he might have reason to say something about you, but he’s too much of a gentleman and too classy. You don’t sound classy at all.

  4. american dreamer

    I’m a happily married woman (over 15 years) with three lovely daughters.

    I’ve never been with any man other than my husband so perhaps I do take infidelity more seriously than others.

    I honestly thought that Jude was married at the time. I think my understanding of the facts was correct and yours is not.

    As far as your blabbering on about your “conquests” the only thing to “conquest” you was that mexican food you ate for lunch today that is still trying to work its way through your massive cauliflower ass dearie. Try to take it slower on the mexican dearie. We can smell it from here!

  5. sheryl

    No, yours are not correct. He and Sadie divorced in 2003. He has never remarried. Check it, it’s no secret. So there was no infidelity.

    Sorry, you don’t sound like a woman married 15 years, you come off like a 12-year-old, hence my tone. Your reading comprehension could really use a refresher.

    Life has no guarantees, and hateful bitterness is never the answer. I’m certain you will have to eat your words someday, mark mine, and while you’re at it, you can have the Mexican food (where the HELL did that come from anyway?) when I’m done with it. It goes well the second time around with the tabloid crap you seem to subsist on.

    Cheers, my dear.

  6. american dreamer


    Sorry to get all your panties up in a bunch. Why don’t you treat yourself (and your massive cauliflower ass) to another burrito and then you’ll feel better.

    Here’s a little riddle to lighten up the mood:

    QUESTION: whats the difference between Sheryl and a meat locker?

    ANSWER: a meat locker doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out!!!

    Have a nice weekend Sheryl and try to take it slower on the guacamole.

  7. Eloisa

    Have you should be as rude and vulgar? I think Sheryl has a point of view and you only attack her with bitterness. I hope this is not the vocabulary to talk to others ……. Classy!
    Give your opinion without offending others. And what about with the Mexican food? Are you racist?
    By the way, I like Jude Law who is an actor trained in the theater and I do not think anyone should be judged by what he does with his private life.

  8. american dreamer

    My apologies. I was diagnosed with cancer last week and it is causing me to engage in wild mood swings. I shouldn’t take it out on strangers on the internet.

  9. janey

    Not surprised with his Hamlet success. All those Brits do Shakespeare better than anyone else on the planet. And stop hating on his thinning hair. How superficial. The man is described as giving a good Hamlet performance & you dimwits focus on his hair instead.

  10. Sandy

    American Dreamer – I am sorry to hear about your medical problems and
    wish you well in your battle against
    this dreaded disease. All of us and
    that I’m sure would include Jude
    sympathise with your plight. this only proves the point that anger such
    as American Dreamer showed us in the beginning only comes from a deep-
    rooted problem and can never do any
    good. At the moment jude is enjoying
    a marvelous victory against all of the self-appointed critics of his life and career but he will triumph
    beause his combination of talent now
    becomes a rock=-solid fact and great
    looks (supposed hair problem or not -
    were caused by responding to
    the roles he was filming – it takes a long time for hair to regrow when it is manipulated as much as his was for over a year. Look at the lastest pictures of him, but that doesn’t bother him anyway – the gloriuous
    responsse to his performance is the
    validation of everything he has hoped
    for and the beginning of the wonderful Part. II of his life and career. By the way he was definitely single when all of this highly publicized nonsense about his ffairs bombarded the media, devised by the paps to earn them better fees for their attempts at tearing his life apart. i would have liked to have heard you defending yourself if they treated you the same way he was treated. And lastly i wish you didn’t have ‘American’ at the
    front of your name, i am American too and proud of it and I have never
    attacked anyone like that in my life.
    Besides, Sheryl is a friend of mine
    and a lady. I thihnk you owe her a
    big apology., actuallly all of us.

  11. Sandy

    I was responding to half of the comments made so far – American dreameer wasn’t stopped she went on
    and on. i didn’t repeat and when you told me I had responded before you
    crossed the line. Don’t bother with
    the apology but i do want to see my
    comments appear on here. If you would
    like to break it is two, OK but I
    meant every thing i said and I do not
    repeat idle gossip.

  12. Nicky

    Um, didn’t Jude cheat on Sienna Miller with the nanny? And come to think of it, didn’t Jude cheat on Sadie with Sienna. Like they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.

  13. dolores craeg

    jude’s divorce was just about final when he met sienna. while jude was in new orleans filming all the king’s men sienna was partying with other guys. if jude strayed he probably had a good reason. what’s all this got to do with his towering performance as hamlet……i would like to see all the arm chair critics who hide behind their computers have their private lives disected over the internet and in the press. jude law is a brilliant actor and gorgeous….let’s leave it at that.

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