Jude Law Must See Sophia Twice A Year

So we have more information on the deal that went down between Jude Law and baby mama during their talk in Miami a couple weeks ago.

The payment for child support is believed to be $5,000 a month, but visitation is also a requirement.

A “pal” of Sam Burke (baby mama) said that Jude has to visit his daughter Sophia (Burke? Law?) at least twice a year and one of those times needs to be around Christmas. Law has three other kids with is ex wife Sadie Frost. If on-again girlfriend Sienna Miller, seen here leaving Cafe Giante in Soho after she and Law met for breakfast with friends, wants a holiday getaway  (and they are still together) Jude is going to be very busy in December.

The pal also said that Jude barely spoke to Sam saying “He was quiet standoffish with her. He cuddled Sophia and admitted she looked beautiful but his visit was fleeting and seemed mainly businesslike.” What did she think it was going to be? Reunited and it feels so good? She had a two week fling with a celebrity,  got pregnant, set up a website to blog about it, and sold cover pictures . Sounds like both parties are in a business arrangement.