Jude Law Is A Yummy Daddy

April 26th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Isn’t that the most adorable photo.

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[photos via JJB]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. not so yummy. he dumped the mother of these babies to take up with a little tart

  2. Amen. Nothing makes a man uglier.

  3. Brandij

    Yes..but he is still good to look at!!

  4. laura

    Now now- let’s not be one sided. His ex-wife is a bit of a psycho who let her toddler crawl around a party and swallow x. At least he still spends time with his children and isn’t a deadbeat dad.

  5. ok laura, tx for the reminder there are two sides to every story. and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

  6. sashay


  7. cnm72

    from what I understand mommy was a bit much… i.e. obsessed and crazy

    very sweet picture…

  8. ap

    The “X” situation happened during a child’s birthday party. The party was held during the day, at a location that happened to function as a club at night. It’s not like the kid was allowed to run loose during a rave.
    If you’re going to attack someone’s parenting skills you should be better informed. The bottom line is that nobody knows what went on during their marriage but, by both of their accounts, they love their children and try to be good parents.

  9. His son is SO cute! Why am I thinking he will be a hottie someday, is that gross? eww. I would be devastated if my daughter accidently swallowed x.

  10. Marina

    Awww! I love Jude Law! He is so cute!

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